No unruly crowds or impersonal box stores here! Instead you will find local merchants that are friendly, well-versed in the other offerings of our area and are at the pinnacle of top-notch customer service. From home furnishings, decor and antiques, to staples like hardware, appliances, groceries and pet supplies, our business sector will suit your needs. 


Take in a movie at our 200-seat digital cinema. Splash with family and friends at the state-of-the-art Family SWIM Center. Catch a live performance at Ye Olde Opera House


From gathering with friends and family, to community, church or service club offerings, there’s always an event being planned… and there’s always the promise of good food!

Many a Lutheran can tell you that there’s nothing quite as spectacular in the fall as the beginning of ‘church meatball season.’ If you plan things right, you can partake in quite a few meals within a 10-mile radius of Spring Grove. We aim to keep you entertained one meatball at a time.

Spring Grove is also home to fabulous restaurants, from home-cookin’ to a nostalgic Ice Cream Shoppe. Whatever your taste buds are looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Stick around!

Once you get here, chances are you won’t want to leave anytime soon! With a motel located in downtown, as well as numerous lodging options in the surrounding area, you can stay as long as you’d like. Click here to download a list of places to stay in and around Spring Grove.


Ballard House Antiques
163 W Main St • 507-498-5434

Blooming Business
500 E Main St • 507-498-3238

Bluff Country Artists Gallery
111 W Main St • 507-498-2787

Footwear by Footskins
110 E Main St • 507-498-3707

Giants of the Earth Heritage Center
163 W Main St • 507-498-5070

HIS Business
110 E Main St • 507-498-3707

LJ Bestmore’s
158 W Main St • 507-498-3902

Mulqueen’s True Value/NAPA
123 W Main St • 507-498-5422

Sterling Drug
137 W Main St • 507-498-5509

Yah Sure You Betcha Shoppe
118 East Main• 507-498-3796