Viking Park (Main Street)

Viking park is at the heart of our city.  It is the first stop for all town celebrations. The park’s ample shaded green space is used for picnics both planned and spontaneous. The park offers a gazebo for live performances, the Syttende Mai Hus* (including a gathering room, bathrooms, and kitchen/concession areas), sculptures (depicting Ola and Per, Mons Fladager and Quest, a sculpture of a viking celebrating the town’s Norwegian heritage) make sure to take your child’s photo when they sit on the lion!  A memorial to our town’s veterans is planned to be dedicated in June of 2017.  Bathroom facilities are located in the Syttende Mai Hus.

Fest Building Park (North Division Street)

A perfect place for kids to get out and play!  This playground equipment is designed for toddlers to upper elementary age kids. Slides, swings, monkey bars, and more await.  In the winter kids enjoy sledding and snowboarding down “the hill”.  A lit ice skating rink is also available during the winter.  Bathroom facilities are located in the fest building*. E • LT

Trollskogen Park (3rd Ave SW)

Our city’s “hidden gem”.  Vintage playground equipment and picnic shelters* are just the start of this great space.  A 9 hole disc golf course awaits, as does a short hike up to the legendary “beer cave”.  This park is situated on acres of land shaded by mature walnut trees.  A perfect spot to enjoy a book, a picnic, playtime, or all three! Overnight RV parking and tent camping sites are available. Restroom facilities are located near the ball field.

Swim Center / Rec Park (500 Maple Drive)

This is the location of our city’s Swim Center.  Many people don’t realize the activity doesn’t stop there!  We also have a basketball court and two tennis courts.  The courts all feature lighting and are available free of charge on a first come, first served basis.  Restroom facilities are located in the Swim Center. E

Roverud Park (1st Street SW)

Roverud Park is the city’s nature park.  It features a paved walking path, and a bridge (often with running water).  This park is often used by school children to explore nature.  A great spot to rollerblade or just pause and unwind.

Ball Field - (3rd St SW)

The city of Spring Grove also provides Blayne Onsgaard Memorial Field.  This sporting complex is home to our summer recreation baseball and soccer programs.  It isn’t unusual to see a game of “pick-up” ball going on among kids. Additionally the public school uses the space for baseball and football.  A restroom is available (weather permitting).

Call City Hall to reserve any of these facilities
(507-498-5221) or request reservations here:

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LT-Lifetrail exercise equipment available for elderly adults

E-Energi exercise equipment available for active adults